mom and baby workout Santa Barbara

Mom & Baby Workout

​​Our Mom & Baby class is a unique and heartwarming experience for new moms. Connect with your little one as you engage in a baby-wearing or stroller workout with light weights, bands and dumbbells. Strengthen your body while nurturing the bond between you and your baby in this beginner level and community focused class.

Our Instructors

  • Certified Fitness Professionals
  • Experts in Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness
  • Fellow Moms
  • Specialize in strength training, injury prevention, and core recovery
  • Available for 1:1 sessions
  • True believers in practicing what they preach

Is this for me?


If you are just starting out or returning to exercise each class to can modified to suit your needs. Multiple variations given for each movement.


Options will be provided to take your workout up to the next level. Lift heavier, move faster, and challenge yourself in new ways.

Class Teachers